Bevis Frond-Little Eden(LTD)

2021,2LP,Limited Edition,Blue Vinyl,Fire

  • Artnr: 0809236163011
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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

Disc One
A1 Everyone Rise
A2 And Away We Go
A3 Brain Fatigue
A4 You Owe Me
A5 They Will Return
B1 Find The Mole
B2 Do Without me
B3 Hold Your Horses
B4 The Man In The Garden
B5 As I Lay Down To Die
Disc Two
C1 Cherry Gardens
C2 Numb In the Head
C3 There's Always Love
C4 Little Eden
C5 Here Come the Flies
C6 Pasted All Over
D1 Start Burning
D2 My Own Hollywood
D3 Never Knew What Hit Me
D4 Dreams of Flying

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