FATAL FUSION-Dissonant Minds(LTD)

2020,LP,Limited edition,250Cps,Apollon

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

atal Fusion is a Norwegian progressive rock band from Hurum just outside of Oslo, Norway. Strongly influenced by 60s & 70s progressive rock like King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Deep Purple, etc - but also newer bands from the 80s & 90s like Anekdoten, IQ, Marillion, Toto, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden etc. Fatal Fusion has a broad musical landscape, combining many musical styles from jazz, blues, rock, metal, funk, psychedelia, ambient, Latin and classical music into a mix. "Dissonant Minds" is the bands fourth album, and the first on Apollon Records.

  • 1. Coming Forth By Day
  • 2. Quo Vadimus
  • 3. Beneath the Skydome
  • 4. Broken Man 2
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