GEORDIE-Save the World(LTD)

(1976)2019,LP,180g,LTD,Orange Vinyl,Demon

  • Artnr: DEMREC544
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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

The third album from Newcastle quartet, Geordie. Featuring the unmistakeable vocals of AC/DC’s Brian Johnson. The blues rock ‘Mama’s Gonna Take You Home’ (previously a hit for Jericho) and the horn infused ‘She’s A Teaser’ find the band cementing their British glam rock credentials. Demon Records presents the album on 180g orange vinyl, housed in a printed inner sleeve.

  • 1. Mama's Gonna Take You Home
  • 2. She's a Teaser
  • 3. Goodbye Love
  • 4. I Cried Today
  • 5. You Do This To Me
  • 6. Save the World
  • 7. Rocking Horse
  • 8. Fire Queen
  • 9. She's a Lady
  • 10. Light In My Window
  • 11. Ride On Baby
  • 12. We're All Right Now
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