Hi-Fi News – Analogue Test LP

LP,Hi-Fi News Analogue Test Lp Len Cartridgeman Gregory

  • Artnr: HFN002
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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

A1 Channel Identification: Voice On Left Channel, Voice On Right Channel 0:25
A2 Phasing (Voice Alternately In Phase And Out Of Phase) 0:25
A3 Channel Balance (-20dB Pink Noise L+R) 1:00
A4 Pink Noise -20dB, L Only 0:25
A5 Pink Noise -20dB, R Only 0:25
A6 Bias Setting (300Hz Tone L+R At +12dB) 0:15
A7 Bias Setting (300Hz Tone L+R At +14dB) 0:15
A8 Bias Setting (300Hz Tone L+R At +16dB) 0:15
A9 Bias Setting (300Hz Tone L+R At +18dB) 0:15
B1 Tracking Ability 1 (300Hz L+R At +15dB) 0:15
B2 Cartridge/Arm Lateral Resonance Test - Sweep 25-5Hz (L+R)+ 1kHZ Pilot Tone 1:15
B3 Cartridge/Arm Vertical Resonance Test - Sweep 20-6Hz 0:40
B4 Tracking Ability 2 (300Hz L+R At +15dB) 0:10
B5 Cartridge Alignment (Azimuth) Test: 300Hz Vertical (L+R At 6dB; Adust For Minimum Mono Output) 0:20
B6 Residual System Noise (Unmodulated Grooves) 0:20
B7 Full Range Frequency System Check, 20Hz -20KHz (L+R) 0:20
B8 Tracking Ability 3 (300Hz L+R At +15dB) 0:15
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