KING CRIMSON-1969-1972 (LTD)

2018,6LP,200g,Limited Expanded Edition Box set,Booklet,Panegyric

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incldues the following albums: In the Court of the Crimson King, In the Wake of Poseidon, Lizard, Islands, The Alternative Guide to King Crimson (2LP) Boxed set contains the band’s first four classic albums plus a 2LP set of rarities including a complete alternate version of “In the Court of the Crimson King” mixed and produced by Steven Wilson and featuring artwork as originally presented in “The Young Person’s Guide to King Crimson” – the band’s first, 1975 issued, compilation.

In The Court Of The Crimson King
A1. 21st Century Schizoid Man (Including ''Mirrors'')  
A2. I Talk To The Wind
A3. Epitaph (Including ''March For No Reason'' And ''Tomorrow And Tomorrow'')

B1. Moonchild (Including ''The Dream And ''The Illusion'')B2. The Court Of The Crimson King (Including ''The Return Of The Fire Witch'' And ''The Dance Of The Puppets'')
In The Wake Of Poseidon
A1. Peace - A Beginning A2. Pictures Of A City (including 42nd At Treadmill)A3. Cadence And CascadeA4. In The Wake Of Poseidon (incl. Libra's Theme)

B1. Peace - A ThemeB2. Cat Food B3. The Devil's TriangleB3a. Merday MornB3b. Hand Of SceironB3c. Garden Of WormB4. Peace - An End
A1. Cirkus (including Entry of the Chameleons)A2. Indoor GamesA3. Happy FamilyA4. Lady of the Dancing Water

B1. Lizard:B1a. Prince Rupert Awakes B1b. Bolero - The Peacock's TaleB1c. The Battle of Glass Tears (including Dawn Song)B1d. Last SkirmishB1e. Prince Rupert's LamentB1f. Big Top
A1. Formentera LadyA2. Sailor's TaleA3. The Letters

B1. Ladies Of The RoadB2. Prelude: Song Of The GullsB3. Islands

The Alternative Guide to King CrimsonA1. 21st Century Schizoid Man (instrumental, trio version)A2. I Talk to the Wind (studio run through)A3. Epitaph (alt. instrumental version)

B1. Moonchild (take 1)B2. The Court of the Crimson King (take 3, instrumental)B3. I Talk to the Wind (duo version)B4. Cadence and Cascade (guide vocal, Greg Lake)B5. Peace - An End (alt. mix)

C1. Cat Food (single version)C2. Groon (2010 mix)C3. Indoor Games (alt. take)C4. Lady of the Dancing Water (alt. take)*C5. Prince Rupert Awakes (piano, Keith Tippett)C6. Prince Rupert's Lament (alt take)

D1. A Peacemaking Stint Unrolls D2. Sailor's Tale (alt guitar takes)D3. Ladies of the Road (remix)D4. Prelude: Song of the Gulls (string section, take 2)D5. Islands (run through with oboe prominent)