LUCINDA WILLIAMS-Good Souls Better Angels(LTD)

2020,2LP,Limited Edition,Translucent opaque,Thirty Tigers

  • Artnr: 0644216968497
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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

1. You Can’t Rule Me
2. Bad News Blues
3. Man Without a Soul
4. Big Black Train
5. Wakin’ Up
6. Pray the Devil Back to Hell
7. Shadows & Doubts
8. When the Way Gets Dark
9. Bone of Contention
10. Down Past the Bottom
11. Big Rotator
12. Good Souls
LP Only (Side D):
1. Bad News Blues (Acoustic Demo)
2. Pray the Devil Back to Hell (Acoustic Demo) 3. You Can’t Rule Me (Acoustic Demo)
4. Man Without a Soul (Acoustic Demo)
5. Wakin’ Up (Acoustic Demo)