(1998)2018,LP,180g,Limited Edition,Silver Vinyl,1500Cps,Numbered,Music On Vinyl

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

Look My Way is the third studio album by the hardcore punk band Madball. On the raw hardcore album they focusing on the hard life of the streets. Full speed guitar riffs expanding the screams/raps by Freddy Cricien. The overall power of the music is heavy and in balance with the depth of the lyrics. From the breakdown in “Cut Off” to the aggressiveness of “Moment of Truth”, it’s all truly Madball.

The American hardcore punk band Agnostic Front formed their side project Madball in the late ‘80s. Frontman Roger Miret let his brother Freddy Cricien perform the lead vocals.

The package includes a 4-page booklet.

  • 1. Look My Way
  • 2. Moment of Truth
  • 3. Cut Off
  • 4. Temptation or Restraint
  • 5. Waste of Time
  • 6. False Threats
  • 7. Pushin' Me
  • 8. Walk Away
  • 9. Our Family
  • 10. Lesson of Life
  • 11. All I Can Take
  • 12. Been There, Done That
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