MAGNUM-Eleventh Hour(LTD)

2021.LP,180g,Limited Edition,Purple Vinyl,1000Cps,Numbered,Music On Vinyl

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utgivelse 12 feb

Magnum are an English rock band formed in Birmingham in 1972. The Eleventh Hour is their fourth studio album. It was produced by the band themselves, after their record label Jet Records denied the band a big name producer due to the delay to their first and third albums. The record is available as a limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on purple coloured vinyl. It includes two bonus tracks: “The Word (Alternative Orchestral Version)” and “True Fine Live (Outtake)”. The packages comes with an insert.

  • 1. The Prize
  • 2. Breakdown
  • 3. The Great Disaster
  • 4. Vicious Companions
  • 5. So Far Away
  • 6. Hit and Run
  • 7. One Night of Passion
  • 8. The Word
  • 9. Young and Precious Souls
  • 10. Road To Paradise
  • 11. The Word (Alternative Orchestral Version) (Bonus Track)
  • 12. True Fine Love (Outtake) (Bonus Track)
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