Moonshot-Worlds Of Yesterday (a retrospective, 1971-1992)(LTD)

2020,LP,180g,Limited Edition,300Cps,Plane Groovy

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

Curated and annotated by Tim BownessWorlds Of Yesterday (1971-1992) is the first official compilation of legendary Warringtonian Prog Rockers Moonshot since 1979’s Shot Hits. From the Crimson-esque grandeur of The Sweetest Bitter Pill to the pastoral beauty of Before That Before, via the warped creativity of Lost In The Ghost Light and engaging Pop of Stupid Things That Mean The World, the album ably demonstrates that while Moonshot may not have reached the commercial heights of celebrated peers such as Genesis, Pink Floyd, or Yes, they were arguably one of the best of the chasing pack and fully deserve to be named alongside the likes of Gentle Giant, Camel, Greenslade, The Yorkshire Parkin Experiment, PFM, Prawn, Ange and others. Worlds Of Yesterday is a fine testament to a fine band. 180g vinyl in single sleeve with insert.

Side 1 1) Moonshot Manchild (edit) (4:22)

2) Stupid Things That Mean The World (3:44)

3) Worlds Of Yesterday (7:33)

4) Lost In The Ghostlight (3:12)

5) Nowhere Good To Go (5:04)

 Side 2 

1) The Great Electric Teenage Dream (8:12)

2) Before That Before (4:56)

3) The Sweetest Bitter Pill (7:05)

4) Distant Summers (4:59)