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O.R.k. includes award-winning composer/vocalist Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari (a.k.a. LEF), King Crimson's Pat Mastelotto, Porcupine Tree's Colin Edwin & Carmelo Pipitone. They will support The Pineapple Thief during their 2019 Europe & UK tour. The musicians of O.R.k. combined their creative forces once again to create their third album ‘Ramagehead’. It includes a cool featuring with System of a Down’s Serj Tankian and is the first one to be released on Kscope. O.R.k. blends modern Progressive Rock with dark music, heavy riffs and beautiful melodies with as a result strong dynamic tracks. "Ramagehead is our most intense, ambitious and accessible work to date and I am really looking forward to exploring the new material in a live environment and sharing our unique collective energy together". - Colin Edwin

  • 1. Kneel To Nothing
  • 2. Signals Erased
  • 3. Beyond Sight
  • 4. Black Blooms (Feat. Serj Tankian)
  • 5. Time Corroded
  • 6. Down the Road
  • 7. Some Other Rainbow - Part 1
  • 8. Strangled Words
  • 9. Some Other Rainbow - Part 2