Toy Dolls ‎– Wakey Wakey!

(1989)2017,LP,Limited Edition,Red Vinyl,Gatefold,Let Them Eat Vinyl

  • Artnr: LETV510LP
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Track Description
1 Introduction
2 Wakey Wakey Intro
3 Lester Fiddled the Tax Man
4 Pot Belly Bill
5 One Night In Moscow (& We'll Be Russian Home!)
6 Cloughy is a Bootboy!
7 Sabre Dance
8 Daveys Took the Plunge
9 There`S a Trollop Up Elmwood Street
10 No Particular Place To Go
11 Poverty Pleadin' Peter
12 Blaze of the Borough
13 Wakey Wakey Outro
14 Godnight Iren