Truckfighters-Gravity X and Phi

2013,3LP,Special Edition Red/Yellow/Black Triple Vinyl Deluxe Set, Omnivore

  • Artnr: FUZZLP006
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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

Gravity X
A1 Desert Cruiser
A2 Gargarismo
A3 Momentum
A4 Freeweelin'
B1 The Deal
B2 Superfunk
B3 Subfloor
B4 Gweedo-Weedo
B5 Manhattan Project
C1 In Search Of (The)
C2 Intermission
C3 A. Zapruder
C4 Altered State
C5 Tic-Tac
D1 Atomic
D2 Fortyeight
D3 Kickdown
D4 The Game
E1 Chameleon
E2 Dysthymia
E3 Slacken
E4 Warhead
F1 Traffic
F2 Slides
F3 Below The Sun
F4 Convention
F5 No Need For Satisfaction
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