YES-Fly From Here-Return Trip


  • Artnr: YES001LP
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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

This album features the band members who appeared on the “Drama” album in 1980. In addition to remixing parts of the album, and singing lead vocal on the tracks, Trevor has added personal liner notes and the digibook sleeve design features the painting by Roger Dean originally used on the inside of the 2011 edition. “Fly From Here – Return Trip” also contains a previously unreleased song, ‘Don’t Take No for an Answer’ recorded in 2011, with Steve Howe on lead vocals. Additionally, the full-length version of ‘Hour of Need’ is included. This has previously only been included as a Japanese bonus track.

  • 1. Fly From Here - Overture
  • 2. Fly From Here Pt 1 - We Can Fly
  • 3. Fly From Here Pt 2 - Sad Night At the Airfield
  • 4. Fly From Here Pt 3 - Madman At the Screens
  • 5. Fly From Here Pt 4 - Bumpy Ride
  • 6. Fly From Here Pt 5 - We Can Fly (Reprise)
  • 7. The Man You Always Wanted Me To Be
  • 8. Life On a Film Set
  • 9. Hour of Need (Full Length Version)
  • 10. Solitaire
  • 11. Don't Take No For an Answer
  • 12. Into the Storm