Neil Young-Barn(LTD Box set)

2021,LP+CD+Bluray,Limited Edition,Numbered,Warner

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

10 new songs that capture the raw, idiosyncratic rock and roll spirit and lyrical beauty that epitomizes a classic NYCH collaboration.

Recorded this summer under a full moon, in a restored off-grid 19th century barn high up in the Rockies, the Horse was right at home and the album’s stunning love songs, reflective ballads and powerhouse rockers naturally burst into life.

Barn Tracklist

  1. Song of the Seasons
  2. Heading West
  3. Change Ain’t Never Gonna
  4. Canerican
  5. Shape of You
  6. They Might Be Lost
  7. Human Race
  8. Tumblin’ Thru the Years
  9. Welcome Back
  10. Don’t Forget Love
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